Design Collaboration with MINAA B  |  Writer, Speaker, Therapist (LMSW)
Design collaboration featuring the powerfully important and inspiring words of writer, speaker, therapist Minaa B.
It was such an honor to get her blessing to bring this idea to life.
As two white women, we are committing to our anti-racism work and self-education. As artists we’re looking for ways we can contribute to amplifying Black voices. We are deeply moved by Minaa’s piece “Being Black is Not Exhausting” - and feel that this message is equally as important for white and non-Black people to hear. The misconception from some white or non-Black people that being Black is what’s exhausting undermines the lived experience of Black people and fails to disrupt the white supremacy that upholds systemic racism.
“If you are exhausted, rest.
If you are angry, shout.
If you are sad, grieve.
If you are scared, unplug.

Remember this: being black is beautiful. We are a resilient, strong, and powerful group of people.

Being black is not exhausting, that's what white oppression wants you to believe.

We are magic. Never let them get it twisted!”

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