The mission of the Well Dunn Foundation is to provide internships to students with volunteer experience who exhibit talent and drive, coupled with an aspiration to become tomorrow’s leaders in the entertainment industry, but lack the necessary financial resources to pursue the educational experience an internship provides.
Well Dunn was founded in honor of Emily Dunn, a young professional in the entertainment industry, who exemplified the ethos of leadership: passion, integrity, confidence and deep engagement. Emily possessed a driving work ethic, which was nurtured through her volunteer and internship experiences in the production and operation side of the business. Well Dunn seeks out and rewards those who follow Emily’s successful, exceptional example by mentoring these future leaders, supporting their ambitions and providing scholarships, internships, and job placement assistance.
Over the years we have helped to create the Well Dunn logo and various print and digital assets. Emily was a colleague of ours and we are inspired to see how her legacy lives on and continues to shape the lives of young professionals.

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