Creative Direction / Art Direction
Branding Systems / Identity Development
Strategic Marketing / Project Management
Artist Tour Creative / Album Packaging
 Motion Graphics
Illustration / Painting / Mixed Media
Color Punch is a creative studio based in the Bay Area. Founders Suzannah Snell and Kari Petsche were devoted to art and music from an early age. The pair have over twenty years experience in the music industry working as creative directors, graphic designers and mixed media artists. They work with concert promoters producing large scale music & arts festivals nationwide, as well as work with individual artists on their tour creative, gig posters and more.

Suz attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and began working on the Visual Design team at major music festivals during her schooling. She later became a Creative Director at Superfly Presents for many years, producing some of the nation’s largest events including Outside Lands, Bonnaroo and Vegoose. Kari attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she studied design. After school she was hired as a designer and motion graphics animator at McFarlane Toys, and from there went on to be an Art Director at Dixon Schwabl Advertising. Kari then became part of the design team at Superfly where she and Suz worked closely for many years and developed a lasting friendship. After gaining as much experience as possible, honing their skill sets, and knowing as artists one must take risks in order to evolve, they founded Color Punch in 2016.

With dynamic and complementary skill sets ranging from design to creative direction, fine art to motion graphics and more, Suz and Kari bring diverse capabilities and authentic artistic perspectives to every project. They strive to provide their clients with visual strategies that leave a lasting, positive imprint on their brand.