Poster design for Hannah Gadsby | Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California | April 29th & 30th and May 1st, 2nd & 3rd,  2019. Limited Edition 18x24” four color screen print on 80# Construction Nightshift Blue stock.
“My favorite sound in the whole world is the sound of a teacup finding its place on a saucer.” 
- Hannah Gadsby in Nanette
We are so inspired by Hannah’s latest Netflix special Nanette and how she was able to strike the balance of making people laugh with her genius comedic wit, while also sharing such deeply personal experiences. Conceptually we like the idea of utilizing a teacup since tea is part of her set & lifestyle, and also having a growing plant to symbolize and pay homage to the ways in which she’s growing as an artist and a human. The growing plant also represents her storytelling and how she promotes others to share and hold each others stories too.

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