It was an honor and a privilege to create the new graphics for Monterey Pop International’s 50th Year Celebration. Marking exactly 50 years later to the day and place of the legendary 1967 festival, Monterey Pop returned in June of 2017 to celebrate and we were honored to be a part of such a historic event in rock ‘n roll history. Thank you to our friends at Another Planet Entertainment for this opportunity!
"It happened in Monterey…"
“We need as many reasons as possible to get together in the name of peace and love.” - Jim James

Using the original artwork as inspiration and paying homage to the iconic poster art created by Tom Wilkes, our concept modernizes the lady of Monterey by creating her as an insignia that combines the female contour with the horns of the mythological god Pan, and is encapsulated with pulsating linework in the typical 60s fashion. The illustration gives her an updated and fresh look with flowers, grapevines and greenery adorning her. The typography is hand drawn to flow and fit together, and through color and shadow gives it a contemporary feel while staying true to the classic designs of that era. Logo inspiration was pulled from the original festival ticket, where we then created hand drawn custom typography with a clean, stamped feel with segment lines to break up the information. We also designed this with the screenprinting process in mind knowing we could choose custom colors and paper to support the design. 

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