When creating the identity system for this year’s Outside Lands festival our focus was on creating depth, and conveying the feeling of being in the park surrounded by all the trees. The Isles of Outside Lands each contain a mini scene emerging from and floating over a mystical chasm containing rolling clouds or water to connect them. Each island is themed to showcase a different aspect of the multi-faceted festival or of iconic San Francisco. This concept visually reinforces the colorful, outdoorsy and welcoming vibe of the event, inviting the viewer in to experience each little world within the artwork.
Our concept for the identity system is focused around creating depth. We wanted to convey the feeling of being in the park surrounded by the cypress & eucalyptus trees. We were also interested in the day to night transitions, the colorful lights in the trees, the feeling of being there among the glowing magic.
We really wanted to incorporate a hand drawn feel for this so we put pencil to paper, stylus to iPad and sketched out each of the elements, then painted them with monochromatic watercolor. We wanted to create softer edges and more fluid contrast, which is challenging to achieve with only digital execution. Anytime we get to paint & draw we are happier people.
Scan, digitize, color application. This is where it all comes to life! We centered our color scheme around the daylight blue skies into the lavenders and pinks of dusk, allowing the earth tones to unify everything.

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