the humidors | logo and album packaging design
For the Humidors rebrand we proposed four original concepts. We were inspired by a range of influences including the juicy color palette of Cuban car colors and the bold, block letter typography of vintage Cuban signage. We also drew from the graceful, swooping text of old-school script fonts and the light-hearted, playful vibe of 70s funk designs.

Through many iterations, the concept evolved into their final logo which we feel not only conveys the personality and artistry of the Humidors’ music, but sets them apart from other Bay Area bands.
Everything The Humidors play is given a heavy contemporary spin that splinters dance floors and leaves audiences in a sweaty daze. The band is a well-oiled unit with a polyrhythmic approach that balances short, sharp solos with an overwhelming collective approach.” - J. Poet, SF Weekly

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